Travel to Santorini

I dream of running away to a place where one step can welcome you to serenity. There has always been that island where I’ve always wanted to fall in love and live again.

A dream holiday that only can fulfill. On that day, I will wake up in a cloud of elegance, a view of the panoramic sea and a volcano waiting to explode in passion.

A bit of morning conversation while I look into the eyes of the man I love and say how lucky I am to be with him in the unique blue world of Santorini. We will share loving conversations of past vacations while eating to our heart’s content under a beautiful chandelier. All the while agreeing that this certainly tops the list.

We will walk hand in hand till we reach the magnificent view above.  We will lounge on the white cushions and stare at the endless horizon. Words are not needed to know how lucky we are to be together. We will never forget this moment. Happy because without searching for  the best vacation places we would never have experienced such an amazing journey. It’s dreaming, it’s loving, it’s where our hearts should be. Only in Santorini.