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I have always been fascinated with miniatures and dolls. Fortunately i have a daughter, she’s like my little baby doll. I like dressing her up, buying her little things and making her play in cutesy places. Of course I love her most of all. One place she absolutely is fascinated with is Dave’s Playhouse at Mall of Asia. Some are old photos when she was younger. They have a grocery store above with carts, cash register, mini gasulitos. There used to be that old ATM there but when i went back it’s gone. The small red gasoline pump is till there on the right though.

There’s a mini house with a fridge, washing machine, a small bedroom with mirror. Lots of plates and little cutleries. She spent so much time mixing thin air so i hope she is cooking something good lol. There is a mini repair shop outside with tools. So it’s funny when she was holding a plastic chainsaw in her hands.

There is a mini salon with barbie heads,scissors,shavers; a small jail they could close and open with a small firehouse theme outside;a mini hospital with a small bed, medicine cabinet and a baby doll area. They have costumes. I do not know if they’re clean though. Oh and wigs as well. My baby hates it so could not take her photo wearing a tutu and a clown wig.

There is a fasfood area, now with pictures of food and prices. Plastic cheeseburgers, pizzas,french fries, sodas. It’s fun make believe if your kid really likes to go around and make a mess of everything. Just be sure she doesn’t put her hands in her mouth. Clean her hands with alcogel or wash with soap and water after playing because of course I do not know how clean these toys are.

There are around 5 small toy cars they could go around the play area in. A slide and a ball pit. She could even play with some fun kiddie computer games.

Its PHP 300 for unlimited rate. PHP 20 for the guardian. PHP160 for an hour ( not quite sure but that’s what i remember) Bring socks so you do not have to buy one. They scan your thumbprint so you’re the only one who can take your child when it’s time for her to go. No security though, but it is on the 2nd level of the mall so I do not think there’s a high risk if you’re going to leave your kid alone. (then you remember the Rolex robbery ha ha) There are around 4 attendants so its quite okay and nice too especially one named Charlyn. It’s fun time for your little kulit kid. Pass by one time and let me know what you think.


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