Warm sounds

When going on a relaxing vacation with the stretch of ocean in front of you and the sounds of excellent legere sax reeds It will totally relax you and bring back memories. (more on the fun memories) Have you ever remembered soothing sounds that could transport you in another world? Well that’s how its gonna be. Complete and utter relaxation. Amazing surroundings and awesome music.

Powder power Running

 photo IMG_6680_zps16cf0368.jpg

So we were just standing there and wondering what hit us. Turns out it was the powder coming from the firetruck for the Color Nite Run. Funny, when all I wanted was to shower in powder. My friend asked me to go. She was absolutely terrified ha ha. Maybe terrified for her car. lol. Running is fun. Running is crazy. Running makes you high. And I just discovered that. That was just wonderful.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Could not find it the first time I went because I was too proud to ask directions but finally found it. They really should have some
print yard signs so its easier for customers to find them.

It was worth it though. Its the cutest little place.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Forgive the mess. lol

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

But see she loved that Cupcake. She’s a little cupcake girl.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery


Vanilla Cupcake Bakery


Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Went with Tita Shey and Cousin Frank but they had to leave a bit earlier than expected.

Vanilla Cupcake with its delicious sinful treats and cool interiors. You should definitely come visit, relax or have a party. It’s that cute.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery
Alabang Town Center
Upper Ground Level
Corte De Las Palmas

Jazz Residences Makati

It’s always an achievement to buy a property, it’s like you want it to be shown on every wall and have the words printed with online print solutions at eoncode.com

 photo BABYSISSY103_zpsac6796aa.jpg

Jazz Residences is an SMDC property at Nicholas Garcia formerly Reposo. This was bought by my brother 2 years ago. A 2 bedroom unit for a very low price and now has tripled its investment.

Jazz Residences

The Condo has an SM Hypermarket at the ground floor and restaurants from Italian to your American fastfood. So its like a little island lol. The unit came with the basic furniture sets nothing too fancy. There is no balcony but from the window you can see the pool which is still not open to the public.

I think a condo unit is a good option for those who don’t want to buy a house far away up north or south.

A house and a land is always better but you gotta make some sacrifices if you can’t purchase the house you want near the city.

Flamenco Steps

Losing weight dancing to a and stumbling on flamenco steps can be daunting. Flamenco dance is a music that is best accompanied by a meinl. Beats that sound off the culture and grooves that insinuate the swaying movements will make you lose calories if done properly. Sessions that could bring your bodies give life to the Spanish music are organized by some groups making it a more fun activity.

Every woman in the world

There was this scene in the movie Accidental husband where Uma Thurman was asked what song was playing when she met her fiance. Javier sang the song Every woman in the world like its coming from the numark ndx200 from musicians friend . Everybody joined in and it was a fun scene at the movie. Music especially from great equipments make up most of our cherished memories. I believe life is incomplete without great sounds and lyrics from emotional love songs. Life, music and love they all go together.

Kite Flying at Picnic Grove

Well you gotta turn off those gadgets some time. One way to do that is head off to Tagaytay Picnic Grove where they have this huge open space where you can run, fly a kite, set a picnic anything you feel like doing.

The Kite we bought is at just a hundred. We had an amazing time. Sunset, cool wind, a bit of stiff neck lol.



 photo BABYSISSY032_zps2d964eb9.jpg

Got it really high with some help from the Kite sellers. It once got stuck in a tree ha ha.

 photo BABYSISSY035_zpsddfddcfa.jpg

I didn’t know it hurt to hold the thread of a kite

 photo BABYSISSY044_zpsff4bcf5c.jpg

But it was way too much fun, something new for the family.

Laughter and Music

I was getting bugged on how much you can save on Ibanez Guitars at musicians friend . I have no idea how they work all I know is that its gonna take a bit of time before it gets delivered at home. Quality is probably great since he won’t stop going on and on about it. Music is part of our household life. Singing is something you will hear more than once in every two hours. Laughter and music. That’s what our house is made of. Happiness.

Color Run

Planning to join the Color Run in February. Must be awesome I always wanted to join one and since its a bit after my birthday I thought it would be nice. Perks of being a work at home mom. I can make time for things such as this. Well at least hopefully. I’m excited!!!

Piano playing and videoke at the mall

Okay I just found out a cheap way to enjoy yourself at the mall ha ha. We were at the electronics store looking at affordable korg kronos and a few other stuff. My nephew Coy from New Jersey started to play. So we listened. My daughter started to sing to Roar videoke on the TV. Its major entertainment at no cost. Music makes life fun.